So you have you boudoir session scheduled but WAIT you don’t know what to wear??!?!?! All of our clients receive a prep guide that help walk through all things styling and a bit more information. But don’t worry, we got you covered! 

I am often asked “What do I wear to my boudoir photography session?” Well let me tell you, there are MANY great items you can choose right out of your own closet. And here is a secret : Not every item needs to be lingerie! 

There are a few things to consider to make sure you pick the best possible outfit(s) for your session: 
– hair color 
– items that enhance your features 
– items that minimize your features 
– bold/bright wardrobe vs classic colors 

Here is a great and helpful list to help you get variety in your outfits! 

Bring a variety of choices:

All of our boudoir sessions include up to 3 outfit changes, so let’s get some variety in your outfits! For a wide variety of choices, we suggest a bra and panty set, a teddy and another fun item. The bra and panty set can be with or without a garter and thigh highs, but it’s MUCH more sexy with them! A teddy is our go to outfit since it’s slimming and hides the tummy very well. Don’t forget to have fun with your choices! You can choose bold/bright outfit colors or go with the classic sexy colors. 

Bra tip: soft cups (not stiff) are the best since we will be moving you around a lot and you don’t want the cups to appear empty in some poses. 

Thigh-high and garter belt tip: if you plan to wear thigh-highs with a garter belt, bring the kind without the plastic stay ups. If you plan to not wear a garter then the plastic stay ups are a must 

Something of his/hers: 

Bring something that belongs to your guy or girl. Dressing up in his suit shirt and/or his tie, makes for sexy variety; add some thigh highs and you are good to go! Other ideas include: her favorite rock band’s t-shirt, boxers or briefs, a sports jersey with knee high sports socks, a watch, a baseball hat, sports equipment or ball… All are great items that make your session memorable and special! 

Sexy without lingerie:

I bet you have PLENTY of items in your own closet that are plenty sexy! Do you have anything off the shoulder, a lace blouse, a satin or lace robe, a tank top or a t-shirt? We love those items! Pair them with garter belts or knee high athletic socks and we are good to go! Also, look through your coat closet.. do you have a trench coat (think mysterious-sexy!) or a from fitting coat? You know your significant other has fantasized about you wearing your bra and undies under your coat and heels! 

All about the “GIRLS”:

Bustiers (separate from corsets) are a great way to create curves and enhance cleavage. You want to make sure you have the kind of bustier that has built in cups; the bustiers without can make you look flat chested and we don’t want that! 

Make a statement:

Don’t forget jewelry! A statement necklace can be stunning against a simple outfit. Keep your everyday stuff at home and bring your fun, special event jewelry. Bring a few choices in earrings and rings as well. Long necklaces make for great props. We love a long strand of pearls!. 

Three inches or more! 

Most of all don’t forget to bring some killer high heels! Nude heels can go with many outfit choices. Black heels are a staple. However, anything strappy, bright colored, studded or with bling is a must bring. The higher the better. Try to stay away from platforms and wedges; we are looking for heels, high heel boots, open toe, closed toe or peep toe shoes. 

Where to Buy

Online Stores with Locations in Los Angeles : 
Victoria’s Secret – classic and always has cute items 
Honey Birdette – MY FAVORITE store for exceptionally sexy items!
Fredrick’s of Hollywood – naughty but surprisingly they have some really nice things too
Agent Provocateur – Naughty and nice! 
Trashy Lingerie – Naughty but fun!
The Lace Lounge – Owner personally fits you to make sure you get the perfect size. They also carry a very good selection for smaller sized breasts.
Jenette Bras – They personally fit you to make sure you get the perfect size. They also specialize in larger busted lingerie.
Only Hearts – Timeless yet flirty styles. Made in exclusively in NYC.
Beverly Hills Hosiery – Fun and inexpensive pieces plus lots of hosiery too!

Online resources: 

Let me know if you have any questions! I’d love to speak with you!



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