Skin to Skin Sessions

Capturing Intimate Moments Between Mommy and Baby

Premier Los Angeles Intimate PHotography

Skin to Skin Intimate Sessions were created by Julie Sterk, the #1 Los Angeles Boudoir photographer, to deliver the most stunning, natural and gorgeous images of mommy and baby. This is not traditional new born photography, rather, this is the most intimate and nurturing experience you will have with your baby!

There is nothing like this Skin to Skin experience anywhere and it is stunning to capture those delicate, special and raw moments. The connection between you and your baby starts at birth and has been scientifically proven to benefit both mom and baby.

It doesn't matter if you nurse your baby, feed with a bottle, feed through a tube, you are giving life to your baby and that is what I am capturing. I am capturing those intimate moments between you and your baby! I'm documenting those tender moments that you are going to share with your baby: feeding, hugging, kissing, cuddling, crying, sleeping.

It's absolutely stunning!

Hey Mama, I'm Julie

What it means to be a mom to a new baby...

It’s waking up 2-4 times a night to tend to your children, worrying constantly for their safety, trying anything and everything to calm them down from a meltdown, changing countless diapers, putting yourself last and not caring what clothes you are wearing because you know something will spill on you!

 It’s also watching their innocent wonder, feeling them breathe on you when they fall asleep, seeing them light up when you walk in the room, drinking in their scent, holding their tiny hands, snuggling with them, hearing them giggle, feeling their open mouth kisses on your face (that’s the best!) but most of all it’s knowing that you are creating an amazing little person!

I am a mommy to 3 little munchkins and I know all too well what you will be and/or are going through! I’ve had different connections with each one of my kids, and I came to realize that I wished I had captured those intimate moments between me and my babies!

I’m a premiere Los Angeles Boudoir Photographer who fell in love with her maternity client’s baby bumps and all the baby-fever feels. As an expectant and/or new mommy, I want you to look and feel beautiful, powerful, confident and sexy. Skin to Skin Intimate Sessions were born to capture those beautiful and tender moments between mommy and baby.

I can't wait for you to see how gorgeous you are and how stunning your
Skin to Skin portraits are going to be!

3 Hour Personalized Skin to Skin Experience

Professional Hair & Makeup

Pre-Session Styling & Planning Call

Cozy Blankets and Handmade Headbands

Guided & Unscripted Photography Session

Professional Image Retouching

Beautifully Crafted Heirloom Products

3 Hour Personalized Skin to Skin Experience

Professional Hair & Makeup

Pre-Session Styling & Planning Call

Cozy Blankets & Handmade Headbands

Guided & Unscripted Photography Session

Professional Image Retouching

Beautifully Crafted Heirloom Products

Your Skin to Skin session Includes:

Sarah Carlson

"If you are about to give birth I highly recommend booking a session with Adore La Vie Photography for the "Skin to Skin" session. We had our shoot when my new born was 2 weeks old. The experience from beginning to end was seamless. Julie is organized, patient and made me feel very comfortable during such a delicate time with my new baby and postpartum body. Also being pampered with hair and makeup felt great. I have done the typical new born photos in the past, and this was a more intimate experience and captured motherhood in a more authentic way, I highly recommend it. My photos came back and they were everything I hoped for, so happy I had the opportunity to capture such a precious time."

Marrisa Alexrod

"I'm a mom!!!  My journey to have a baby was very difficult and now I have this beautiful baby boy! I had a hard time getting pregnant and when I finally did, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had to terminate the baby because of the medications and multiple surgeries I was going to undergo. Once I was given the green light to get pregnant, Covid hit and IVF centers were closed! But it finally happened and here he is!

I have always wanted to breast feed my baby so I get donated milk and feed my baby though a feeding tube that I attach to my breasts. It's heaven and what's best is that I got it documented! The Skin to Skin session from Julie at Adore la Vie was the best gift I could have to look back and see what I went through, the determination to nurse and the perfect little boy who I now have.

Thank you Julie for these amazing and absolutely stunning images! They are incredibly priceless! Just priceless!

"I am so in love with my pictures! I am a deaf woman who gave birth to a little boy who lights up my eyes and Julie was there to photograph some moments I never thought to take pictures of.  It felt so nice to get my hair and makeup done to look beautiful because those first few days, I didn't feel that way.

Julie was patient, understanding, took her time and didn't interrupt his nursing flow. She was so nice! And now I have beautiful pictures of one of the most primal instincts for babies and mothers, for me to have!

This was an experience unlike any other and as a new mom, I just can't explain how much this filled me up with joy, amazement and love!"

Sheri Dunner

Love Notes

Skin to Skin Sessions are done once baby is between 2-4 weeks, so DON'T wait to book!